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On Recent Paintings and Other Works

DRYLAND (Artist Book)

"Climate Change, Natural Aesthetics, and the
Danger of Adapted Preferences"

with Heidi Hurd in Handbook on the Philosophy of Climate Change

About Gillian

Gillian is a practicing artist, writer, and ecologist currently based in Baltimore, Maryland and Silver City, New Mexico. In her artistic practice, she combines her scientific training and ecological research with her personal experiences immersed in the landscapes of the American west—from her childhood growing up in rural communities of Wyoming, California, and Oregon to her service as a U.S. Forest Service wildland firefighter on engine and hotshot crews since 2019. Interested in the profound interactions between natural systems and anthropogenic structure, she frequently delpoys GIS data, mapping strategies, and visual vestiges of scientific record-keeping in a painterly practice that stems from a careful attention to and care for the natural world. She is currently pursuing her M.F.A. from the LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting in Baltimore, Maryland.

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