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Untitled (West)

Oil and charcoal on unprimed canvas, 54 x 40"

A Woman Happy

(the work of the west)


Collage on Bristol board, 11x14"

15% Fashion

21% Loving and Being Loved

2.95% Housekeeping

15% Children

"what makes a woman HAPPY?

Now that you've heard Helen Lawrenson on the subject, you should be convinced that women haven't the slightest reason to envy men. Women ought to be happy. But happiness isn't one big glowing feeling that envelops us in everything we do. Happiness is built up from the satisfactions we get out of doing specific things. 

What does make a woman happy? Does she get a bigger kick out of a new hat than she does from taking Junior on his first trip to the zoo? Does she enjoy a hobby as much as a book. How much of her happiness depends on love? ... "

10% Beauty Care

4% Body Tone Up

0.05% Reading the Gossip Column

5% Snacks . . .

Text from Why; The magazine of popular psychology, December 1954 Vol. 1 Issue 19



Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 48 x 36"


Collage on Bristol board, 11x14"

6/7 48 Saw the canyon today

Oil and collage on canvas, 54x40"

A large painting and collage work investigating and questioning the relationship between the viewer and the subject in a famous instance of exquisite natural beauty. I used digitally recreated images of vintage postcards that are in some cases enlarged beyond recognition to call attention to the artificiality of nature captured via photographic, written, or otherwise indirect means. The quaintly archaic origin of the imagery may cause the viewer to lapse into a false sense that the image-capturing technology of today has allowed us to artificially expand our means of first-hand experience, but the single addition of a photographic image in the bottom center reasserts the same relation of fabricated viewership present in the original postcards.

Gyre, I and II


Oil and acrylic on unprimed canvas, 38 x 36"

"Ocean plastic can persist in sea surface waters, eventually accumulating in remote areas of the world’s oceans. Here we characterise and quantify a major ocean plastic accumulation zone formed in subtropical waters between California and Hawaii: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP). Our model, calibrated with data from multi-vessel and aircraft surveys, predicted at least 79 thousand tonnes of ocean plastic are floating inside an area of 1.6 million km2; a figure four to sixteen times higher than previously reported...

... Finally, our results suggest that ocean plastic pollution within the GPGP is increasing exponentially ..."

Lebreton, L., Slat, B., Ferrari, F. et al. Evidence that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is rapidly accumulating plastic. Sci Rep 8, 4666 (2018) doi:10.1038/s41598-018-22939-w;

Triad of Moments


Oil and gold leaf on unprimed canvas, 34 x 38"

Slash and Burn


Collagraph print and collage on paper, 22 x 30"



Photographic print and collage, 22 x 17"



Photographic Print and Collage, 15 x 23"



Woodcut print on viscose and polyester interfacing, 48 x 96"

Studio installation



A series of collage

Flaneur Forever

Collage on Bristol board, 5 x 7"


Collage on Bristol board, 5 x 6"

Where Nature Loves You

Collage on Bristol board, 11 x 14"

Lure of the Changing Desert

Collage on Bristol board, 11 x 14"

Crazy, Like a Fox

Charcoal, oil, and acrylic on unprimed canvas, 36 x 30"

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